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04 July: Due to an appeal in compound men, result are still unofficial.

04 July: First Day of shooting at Palazzina di Caccia di Stupinigi for the World Championship Torino 2011. Today qualification round for the finals Single and Team recurve bow. Italian Team (Valeeva, Tomasi and Sartori) ended at the third place with 4012 point behind South Korea (4088) and China (4027). Wednesday June 6th Italy will shoot against Georgia for the shoot-out. Valeeva will skip the first two turns going directly to the 1/16 round. Satisfation by the Italian d.t. Gigi Vella, that tries to be realistic: “It was difficult to be better than this: we still have to demonstrate our value, but it is a good starting point.” Qualifications will continue tomorrow at 9.30 in the same venue, where in the meantime the compound qualification round is in progress.

04 July: The World Archery Championships have started today

08 June: The Head of Turin Politechnical University Francesco Profumo, joined the Honorary Committee of LOC Turin 2011, he provided Valentino Castle for the closing party which will be held after the competition of the able-bodied athletes, the party will be held in the evening of July 10: Another picturesque scenery, alongside with two historic and prestigious competition venues: the Hunting Palace of Stupinigi and Piazza Castello in Turin, that will help to create a unique event in the history of archery.

07 June: Work begins. Started today, 7th of June, the set up of the field

27 April: Reached the number of 300 volunteers for To2011. We want to said really thank you to all the people that subscribed to work for the bigger Archery Championships of the history. With all this “archer volunteers” will work also people coming from post olympic organization, managed by VOLA, antidoping volunteers. Will be 450 people working to organize the best Championship possible.

21 April: Time out also for Para Archery Championships Preliminary registration and record of participant also for this event. 39 Participant countries, with 275 athletes and 139 officials. he complete details is visible on http://www.2011.to/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/preliminarypara.pdf

21 April: We welcome Centrale del Latte, milk distibution, between WC sponsors. During the Championship all milk distributed by Centrale del latte will have WC2011 logo on milk boxes in all Turin shops

07 February: The official app is now available for download. All updates will be added there, including press releases, results, schedules, videos and more!

12 January: Amit Dror from Israel is the first athlete to join the Championships. Welcome!

13 September: Home Turin 2011 present in Italian Archery Target Championships in Alessandria from 10 to 12 september

01 June: The OC Council nominated Odilia Coccato like General Manager of World Championships

01 March: TOP87 Sportswear Productor and Fitarco Sponsor is the first sponsor of Torino 2011.

01 March: Organizing Committee subscribed today. President Ms. Tiziana Nasi, VicePresident Mr. Mario Scarzella, General Secretary Ms. Odilia Coccato, Sport Director Mr. Ardingo Scarzella, Paralympic Director Mr. Marco Carpignano, Treasurer Mr. Roberto Minchillo Adviser Mr. Stefano Comellini, Adviser Mr.Paolo Cantarella.

19 November: We’ve included the app’s compatibility for Android now as well. It works up to the latest lollipop update. You can download it and find more information about it here.

29 November: On the 11th of November the Council of FITA decided to assigned the World Paralympic Champs to the city of  Tourin. The event will take  place immediately after the end of the World Champs creating fantastic chance to present archery in Tourin


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